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KEY Partners

Collaborating and developing together. 

KEY activities are carried out by mixed teams consisting of Korean and European academics, researchers, companies (company managers, engineers...), professionals (lawyers, consultants...) as well as students, with a transgenerational and multicultural approach. KEY seeks to remain open to any resources (companies, institutions, experts, academics, etc.) with in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective areas willing to join the working teams. 


Key will therefore collaborate with numerous institutions, companies and people in Korea and Europe . Among others, KEY has established special collaborative ties with the KIEP, the KITA, Institut Montaigne, and IRENE-ESSEC with the purpose of developing joint projects. Other partners will gradually join the KEY initiative.

KEY also relies on people with diverse profiles and experts in their respective field of activity, willing to contribute to the projects developed by KEY and/or take part in its working groups.


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