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KEY NextGen

At KEY, students and young professionals are at the center of our initiatives, contributing to our work with their unique perspectives.  A key feature of the NextGen Program is to engage the young generation in all of KEY’s projects and work streams in order to create synergies by incorporating their skill sets and resources. In addition, KEY NextGen is launching a series of own initiatives, to serve as a platform for NextGen thought leadership.

Reach out to our Next Gen Co-Leads e-mail to get involved, share ideas and receive regular updates on projects, events and iniatives. 

Meet our NextGen Co-Leads:

NextGen Initiatives

NextGen Call for Contributions 

KEY will start publishing periodical reports with the overarching theme of Transformation and we would like you to contribute! The reports will be published on the Website and over LinkedIn, and will be part of a NextGen initiative to engage students and young professionals in KEY’s publishing activities.

What are we looking for?

If you would like to contribute as an author, you can propose a topic for a journalistic/ analytical piece that you would like to write. You are free to suggest any topic that you have expertise or interest in, but keep in mind the overarching theme of Transformation, and it should:

  • Be related to critical issues

  • Relate to cross fertilization between Europe & Korea

  • Focus on concrete initiatives


What is the format?

We are looking to publish short reports in a series related to “Transformation”. The piece could be an interview, a position paper or research paper. Each piece will have to be written jointly by a European and Korean author. If you do not have a co-author in mind, we can match you with somebody from the NextGen network, who would be interested on working with you.

How do I join?

Please write an e-mail to, outlining the topic you want to write about, and the format you envision. We will then discuss the next steps with you, give feedback regarding the topic and format, and decide on deadlines for the first draft.

Our supervisory pool includes professors, industry professionals and journalists.

If you have any questions, please reach out anytime. Feel free to forward this call for contributions to anyone else who could be interested in contributing to this NextGen initiative.

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