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About KEY

KEY was established in August 2022. It is a non-profit organization under French law (Association Loi 1901).

Under the global context of dramatic changes and transformations, there is a growing need to explore new ways of thinking and alternatives coping with the fast-changing world. A closer collaboration between Korea and Europe could bring up new sources of inspiration for further joint actions.


The KEY association (Korea – Europe & You) seeks to bring together the academic and economic actors from Korea and Europe with the aim of reflecting on and sharing information on societal, economic and environmental issues and to develop joint projects leading to concrete solutions.


KEY will develop its actions through:

i) an operational Think Tank tackling strategic issues common to Korea and Europe,

ii) collaboration platform to identify new business models and assist institutions as well as companies for projects in Korea or Europe and

iii) the NextGen program seeking to promote collaboration with the younger generations.


KEY activities will be carried out by mixed teams consisting of Korean and European academics, researchers, companies (company managers, engineers...), professionals (lawyers, consultants...) as well as students, with a transgenerational and multicultural approach.


Permanent working groups will be established with the aim of reflecting on and disseminating information on issues relating to the fields of health and biotech, ESG and sustainable development as well as digital transformation.


KEY seeks to reach all countries of Europe and create a network of European partners with connections to Korea.


Governance and Composition


KEY will be composed of:

  • A Board of Directors, controlling and directing the activities of KEY, composed of notable personalities from Korea and Europe and suitable background, will be presided by Mr. Philippe Li. Other founding members are: Philippe Berterottière (CEO of GTT), Daniel Lacabane (partner at Boston Consulting Group) and Pierre Sang (chef and owner of restaurants).

  • An Advisory Board, providing KEY with advice, information and collaboration, composed of renowned personalities and specialists from Korea and Europe.

  • The Steering Committees, pursuing KEY’s goals through different projects. The steering committees will operate in consultation with the President and the Board of Directors and will be systematically co-led by one Korean and one European coordinator in a two-headed structure.

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