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Meet our KEY Co-Leads:

Healthcare is a crucial component of the social and economic wealth, providing essential services to citizens and supporting the overall well-being of the population. Both Europe and Korea have developped best-in-class solutions and standards of care, either in hospital infrastructure and management, ease and speed of access to medicines and services, R&D and manufacturing capabilities and also in the practice of medicine itself. Healthcare is about to enter a period of rapid change and the recent challenge of the Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the current limits for any given ecosystem and offered an unprecedented opportunity to boost innovative solutions and new initiatives, leveraging expertise and strengths from both parts.

Breakthrough developments in biotechnologies combined with the power of new digital approaches and technologies as well as innovative combinations of existing ones sketch out fantastic promises for the practice of medicine: more personalized, more preventive and predictive approach and more efficient. This transformation will require a major shift in the relation between patients, healthcare professionals and service providers. Health authorities also will be exposed to fundamental choices to enable new practices, adjusting funding priorities, and support the pace of the change for the benefit of the populations.

Korea and Europe are at the forefront of development in this sector and can share their knowledge and expertise in order to drive progress and innovation.



IRIC (International R&D Industry) Convention is an event for consumers and suppliers of the R&D industry. IRIC 2022 which was held in BEXCO, Busan in 2022 featured K-innovation from laboratory to industry. A special session dedicated to collaboration between France and Korea took place on December 7. 

Read more and watch the event video

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