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IRIC Roundtable Busan
December 19, 2022

IRIC (International R&D Industry) Convention is an event for consumers and suppliers of the R&D industry. IRIC 2022 which was held in BEXCO, Busan in 2022 featured K-innovation from laboratory to industry. A special session dedicated to collaboration between France and Korea took place on December 7. The session was moderated by Mr. Philippe Li, KEY President and Professor Jisook Moon, KEY Healthcare/Biotech Co-Lead. The session was opened by Mr. Eugene Lee, Director, Division of R&D Industry at the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and Mr. Frederic Girard, Vice-President of France Biotech and BOD member of French Healthcare Association. They introduced Bio R&D innovation landscapes in Korea and France.

The keynote speaker of the session was Ms. Youngmee Jee, the CEO of Institut Pasteur. (Ms. Jee was appointed a few days after the Convention as Commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KCDA)).

A roundtable dealing with opportunities and future directions was organized with the participation of various stakeholders from France and Korea: Mr. Mathieu Elie, Head of Guerbet Asia Pacific, Ms. Jaegu Yoo, Vice President of Medidata Korea, Mr. Sok-Min Yu, Principal of ArchMed Group, Mr. Bum-Chan Park, CTO of Ybiologics, Ms. Hye Jung Lee, CEO of Caleb Multilab, Mr. Sukmo Kang, Director at BTT Group, Ms. Ju Yeon Hahm, Director at the Korea Institute for Advancement of Tehnology (KIAT) and Mr. Deok Soo Hwang, Director at the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).

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