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Latest publications by our partners and contributors. 


Korean Soft Power - the emergence of a new economic model

March 2023 | ARTICLE published by the Les Echos

An article by KEY President Philippe Li on Korean Soft Power. Original French version and English translation available.

Transformation Challenges for a Europe facing the "3D Crisis"

December 2022 | PRESENTATION by Pierre Giacometti, NO COM

A presentation by Pierre Giacometti about current challenges in Europe and the implications for corporate communication strategies. 


Challenges and Opportunities of Korea’s Foreign Policy as a Developed Country

30 September 2022 | REPORT published by KF VUB Korea Chair

A report by Alexander Downer, Eun Mee Kim, Nicolas Köehler-Suzuki, Pascal Lamy, Federica Mogherini, Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Michael Reiterer, Scott. A. Snyder, Jisun Song and Young-Kwan Yoon.

Tech4Good Conference 2022 - France, Korea and Beyond

On the occasion of the Tech4Good Summit held in Seoul on September 22, 2022, a VIP Panel discussion was held with the participation of Ms. Fleur Pellerin, former French Minister of Culure, Digital and SME’s, Founder and Managing Partner of Korely Capital, Mr. Gregory Boutté, Digital Officer of Kering Group, Mr. Kevin Choi, Chief Technology Officer of KTsat and Mr. Yann Vincent, CEO of ACC. The panel was moderated by Mr. Philippe Li, President of KEY.

squid game.PNG

Squid Game - Fulgurance et authenticité 

December 2021 | ARTICLE published by the Centre Culturel Coréen

An analysis by KEY President Philippe Li of the reasons for the success of "Squid Game", identifying different ways of reading Korean society based on several themes covered by the series (without spoilers). Original French version and English translation available.

Technological Innovation in the EU and the Republic of Korea: Similarities, Differences and Areas for Cooperation

2 June 2021 | REPORT published by King's College London

A report by Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra, Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo and MEP Susanna Solis examining technical innovation in the EU and the Republic of Korea, finding that there is a strong potential for “collaboration for mutual benefit in a wide range of areas”.

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